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  • “Hit the Road in a Ford Focus” !

    SZA & Zoë Kravitz

    We’re in an unprecedented era of female artistry—women are changing the landscape in music, art, literature, and more. In Focus brings together two brilliant female artists to share their experiences, get to know each other, and honestly discuss all the things that are important to them.

    In this episode, SZA and Zoë Kravitz take a break from touring to drive around LA and talk about songwriting, acts of radical kindness, and the challenges that come with success as a woman.
    Music in this episode is by SZA.

    “Your music is not real if it’s out of revenge ’cause then it’s not for you.” — SZA & Zoë
    “I’m a human being with flaws, anger, and passion—and I’m a nerd.” — Zoë
    “I’ve been doing a lot of overthinking. I’ve been trying to let that go, in a productive way, trust my first mind, don’t double ask.” — SZA
    “I feel like with women, people start hating only when you’re doing something that’s working.” — Zoë
    “I don’t believe I’ve reached where I want to reach. I always feel that I can be a better songwriter.” — SZA
    “The minute someone gets too comfortable, they stop growing.” — Zoë
    “I write better when I’m not thinking about having to write.” — SZA

    Source: In Focus Pitchfork